Reviews for Argos Bar
Reviews for Argos Bar
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William Mericle

Nice place. Great patio.

Dogg Big

All I can say is he'll yah

Andrew Hoy

Cash only. Bartender didn't know how to make a lemon drop. Drink was super sour and a disappointment. Outdoor area is nice that's it.

Shawn Dankworth

Best Gay Bar In Dayton If I Have to say

Chad McMullen

Great Patio! Sweet Bartender

Joe Ford

Great little corner out of the way leather Levi bar you can't tell how cool the place is from outside but once you get inside it's really nice back patio deck fire pit and you can smoke a cigar outside

Katrina Warfield

Such a great place with fantastic people and atmosphere!

Finu Lukose

Cash only leather bar with a pool table and spacious outdoor back patio with at least one fire pit (maybe two). Only open for Friday and Saturday nights, potentially Thursdays as well. The indoor space is broken into two rooms. It's a cozy environment and the crowd is friendly. There are the regulars and the casual visitors. Staff are very friendly.

Bjorg Prodan

A cool, friendly place... reasonable prices, great ambience, definitely worth checking out.

Jeremiah Ben-Adonai

The bar was ok. It wasn't fancy but ok